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The do-it-yourself, affordable option for the crypto trader who needs to fix past returns.

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Is this Package for You?

Many crypto traders made fabulous profits trading in 2017. But the crash of 2018 left them financially weak.

So I prepared the Crypto Tax Fixer package as a do-it-yourself, affordable option for the trader who needs to fix past tax returns economically. With it, I want to help as many crypto traders as possible.

To learn about what this downloadable package comes with and if it’s a good fit for you, watch my video now or read more below.

Special price of $987 for a limited time!



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More About this Package

This package is the culmination of all my best resources and secrets for how to prepare a great crypto tax return and how to get tax amnesty.

It includes the necessary materials that provide the expertise and guidance that you can’t get anywhere else in the market place. With it, you can confidently amend your crypto taxes, file your returns, and do so in a way that protects you from the IRS.

The Price Value of This Package

My passion is to help as many traders as fast as possible.

The steps in this book can keep you from having to hire a tax attorney. Their rates are $225 – $500 per hour. You will find the vast majority of tax attorneys don’t even know the information in this package because they never deal with crypto taxes and foreign reporting obligations.

This package and all its tools are valued at $1958. 

And, properly filing your tax return and claiming amnesty can save you the $10,000 penalty fee for not filing the FBAR and other anti-money laundering forms.

That’s how valuable this package is. 

What Is Included

The Crypto Tax Fixer is a downloadable package of documents that comes with

1) My book, Why Crypto Traders Are Low-Hanging Fruit for the IRS

2) My book, 10 Steps for a Great Crypto Tax Return

3) My book, Tax Amnesty Made Easy

4) An IRS Amnesty Cover Letter Example

5) Sample Tax Amnesty Affidavits

6) An IRS Freeze Letter

7) Secrets To Scare Off The Tax Man

8) Poison Pill Disclosure Statement

9) A Sample Crypto Tax Return

10) Invitation To The Crypto Taxes Telegram Group

11) Specific guidance on how to submit your documents to the IRS

12) My White Paper On How To Choose The Right Tax Software

I'm Ready To Be My Own Crypto Tax Fixer

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Everyone’s situation is different. I understand.
That’s why we provide our Crypto Tax Fixer package as a do-it-yourself solution. 

A lot of traders still ask me, “What if I do nothing?“. You’re not alone if you’ve wondered this.
Not filing is an option, but one that I highly recommend you not take.

If you’re not ready for either of our packages, we can still be there to help.

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About The Crypto Tax Fixer

Clinton Donnelly

Clinton Donnelly is an Enrolled Agent with a law degree specializing in the international laws of financial regulation and taxation. As an Enrolled Agent he is admitted to practice before the IRS to represent taxpayers worldwide which is exactly what he does. He has clients in 47 different countries. In 2018, he helped 97 clients recover over $600,000 back from the IRS.

Many of his clients are cryptocurrency traders around the world. His largest trader did over 120,000 transactions. No situation is too complicated.

Clinton Donnelly has also been a tax law advisor to a crypto tax prep firm. He was a trusted tax adviser to three of the online crypto capital gains tax services and a US exchange. He is an author of three books and is a sought-after conference speaker for digital nomads, expats, and cryptotraders.

He specializes in preparing tax returns and resolving IRS problems for cryptotraders and Americans abroad or owning foreign assets.

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The do-it-yourself, affordable option for the trader who needs to fix past returns.

Special price of $987 for a limited time!



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