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Meet Clinton Donnelly

I’m Clinton Donnelly and I solve U.S. tax problems for Americans Abroad, with assets abroad, and crypto traders. Whether you’ve received a letter from the IRS, need tax returns prepared, or need tax amnesty, We can help.

With clients in 48 countries, I’ve prepared over 600 tax amnesty returns. In 2018, I represented 97 clients before the IRS recovering over $600,000 of taxes owed or claimed by the IRS.

For crypto traders, I go beyond preparing a return to anticipating how the IRS will select returns to examine. We include the anti-money laundering reports and other advanced techniques to avoid audits and examinations.


What to do if you got an IRS letter 6173, 6174, 6174-A

Don’t panic, but urgent action is needed. I anticipated these letters in my ebook, Why Crypto Traders are Low-Hanging Fruit for the IRS. Read this book to help diagnose your situation. There is time to fix your exposure and avoid penalties, but you must be decisive. You can still get tax amnesty. Schedule a call on my calendar ASAP. I have a team of people ready to fix your situation, but we need to start soon. 



US crypto tax services

Prepare Returns

We prepare income tax returns for individuals and businesses. We are experts at expat tax returns and for those with foreign assets, corporations, and trusts.

Solve Tax Problems

Has the IRS contacted you? We can solve your problems. We fix bad returns. We negotiate with the IRS for you to get the best resolution, whether a payment plan, offer in compromise, or hidden rebate opportunities.

The audit protection designed for crypto owners. For a small annual subscription, we defend you in any future IRS examination of your crypto activity.

Full Service Crypto Tax Package

Crypto traders have special tax challenges. We are experts at reporting cryptocurrency and defending clients before the IRS.

The Crypto Tax Fixer Package

The do-it-yourself, affordable option for the crypto trader who needs to fix past returns.

What Our Clients are Saying

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US crypto tax services

About Clinton Donnelly

Clinton Donnelly is an Enrolled Agent with a law degree specializing in the international laws of financial regulation including taxation. He specializes in income tax preparation and problem solving. He has a focus on the unique anti-money laundering and tax reporting needs of cryptotraders and Americans abroad.

He has been a conference speaker at International Living, Nomad Cruise, and NomadCity.

Being an E-file provider authorized by the IRS means we have committed to the IRS standards of data protection and integrity with client data. We use an online portal to exchange files in a secure and encrypted manner for your protection.

Enrolled agents (EAs) are America’s Tax Experts. EAs are the only federally licensed tax professionals who also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. This symbol also means that I uphold the professional conduct guidelines set by the IRS.

By belonging to the National Association of Enrolled Agents, I am held to a high level of annual continuing education and keeping up with the highest levels of professionalism in my field.

The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers is the premier organization of tax professionals specializing in solving tax problems. 

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