Service Engagement Terms

Clinton Donnelly and his staff (collectively we, us, our) offer our services with you under these terms. You agree to these services when you pay a deposit to start work. The services provided will be listed on the invoice. 

Tax Return Preparation: We will prepare your tax return from the information that you give us. We may ask for clarification, but we don’t verify your information. We require all tax return preparation clients to become members of Crypto Tax Audit ( before the start of services. We automatically file a six-month extension of the due date for all returns to allow adequate time to prepare your return.  After receiving your approval and your payment of the final invoice, we electronically file or mail your returns. The work of tax return preparation ends upon successfully filing. Responding to subsequent letters from tax authorities is not included in tax return preparation services.

Estimating Taxes Owed: Tax authorities require you to pay income taxes during the year as the income is received. Employers do this by withholding taxes from paychecks. For other income, you should estimate and pay taxes every quarter as earned. The IRS requires 90% of taxes owed to be paid by January 15th, and 100% paid by April 15th (for individuals) to avoid back interest.  These dates remain unchanged by filing the six-month extension of the return due date. Estimation service is not included in the tax return preparation service but is available for a fee. 

Payment: For tax preparation services, a nonrefundable deposit of at least 60% is due up-front, and an additional 20% upon completion of crypto gains calculations,  and the balance is due before the filing of returns. Payment for representation services, retainers, hourly services, and actual and reasonable expenses, if any, is due upon invoice. Failure to pay an invoice upon presentation shall cause us to stop providing services without further notice.

IRS Representation: We can represent you in matters of income examination and debt resolution, including penalty abatement, installment agreements, Currently Non-Collectable status, Offers in Compromise, and non-filer representation.

Our analysis will include a review of your IRS transcripts, the statutes of limitation on assessment and collection. If we deem it necessary, we will make use of a freedom of information act request. Further, if we believe that a hearing is needed, we will request either a Collection Appeals (CAP), Collections Due Process (CDP), or Equivalent Hearing as appropriate.

We require all tax return preparation clients to be members of CryptoTaxAudit ( during representation services. Representation services are separately invoiced.

Seriousness: The tax authorities decide the outcome of all requests made before it. Despite our best efforts, we have no control over their actions. We make no guarantees to you regarding the results. Tax authorities have significant authority to enforce their demands, including filing summons, seizing assets, bank accounts, garnishing wages, fines, and imprisonment. Therefore, we require your prompt and complete response to all information requests from us to protecting your rights and assets. Procrastination, deception, and negligence are grounds for terminating our representation.

Privacy Policy and Consent to Disclosure: Enrolled Agents adhere to the code of ethics and rules of professional conduct of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, which are more stringent than those required by law.

We collect nonpublic personal information about you either provided to us by you or obtained by us with your authorization.

We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information we obtain except as required or permitted by law (IRS regulations 301.7216-2 and 301.7216-3). Permitted disclosures include, for instance, providing information to our staff and to third parties who need to know that information to assist me in the providing of services to you. 

The third-party systems to which we disclose nonpublic personal information include tax authorities (IRS and state), Thomson-Reuters Ultratax (tax software), Citrix (ShareFile repository), TokenTax (gain calculations), and DocuSign (electronic signatures). Other systems to which we disclose nonpublic contact information are Freshbooks (invoicing), Mailchimp (email), Google (email), Copper (work management), Vocus (email), Earth Class Mail (mail), and Zapier (integration). All these are primarily U.S.-based companies. These companies and systems maintain significant data protection standards.

We do not maintain a physical office in the United States except for correspondence purposes. Clinton Donnelly primarily resides outside the United States. All his staff members are U.S. citizens, some of whom live outside the United States (per IRS regulations 301.7216-2 & 301.7216-3). All nonpublic personal information, including SSN, which they access, are on servers and systems resident within the U.S.

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