Crypto Tax Fixer: Everything You Need To Fix Your Past Crypto Tax Returns

The IRS is already cracking down on crypto tax returns. Learn how to amend and file your past crypto tax returns with downloadable examples and templates.

crypto tax returns

So you’re interested in a do-it-yourself approach to fixing the deficiencies in your past crypto tax returns. 

And there are lots of reasons for doing that. 

Maybe you are pretty competent in your taxes. You did your tax return. And you want to see what more it would take to finish it off yourself. 

If you are comfortable doing your taxes and are familiar with a bit of tax jargon, this is the perfect solution.

The Crypto Tax Fixer Package

Why do your own crypto tax returns?

crypto tax returns

Many people may choose a DIY crypto tax solution because they can’t afford the white-glove service solution that my company offers.

On the flip side, if you just don’t have a head for dealing with numbers, this would not be the right solution. Instead, consider our Full Service Crypto Package for your crypto tax returns.

There aren’t enough hours in a day for me to help the tens of thousands of people who need help fixing the deficiencies in their past returns.

I’ve put together all my best ideas and secrets for how to prepare a great crypto tax return, along with how to get tax amnesty.

I’ve put it together into a power pack of materials that I’m  now offering to those of you who are interested in doing your crypto tax returns. 

I’ve given you the best of what I can do so that you have the leadership that you’re not able to find anywhere else in the marketplace on how to do excellent crypto tax returns.

The Tools For Doing Your Crypto Tax Returns

So let me tell you about what’s in this package.

1) You’re going to get my book, Why Crypto Traders are Low-Hanging Fruit For The IRS. This book sets a baseline to help you understand how the IRS will be looking for non-compliant taxpayers who haven’t reported their cryptos.

The IRS is intimidating and this book will give you confidence to understand that there is a way that you can do a crypto tax return that protects you because you learn how the IRS is going to try to come after you. If you know that your enemy is going to attack, then you know how to respond. So that is what this book does for you. It has a retail value of $37.00, and it’s a fantastic resource with tons of footnotes and references.

2) The second book I give to you is my powerhouse book. It is titled 10 Steps For a Great Crypto Tax Return. And this really is the best piece of documentation I can give someone to show how to do a crypto tax return the right way, the way I believe it should be done. It addresses what the IRS laws require and shows how to include elements in your tax return that protect you from what the IRS can do.

I have defended so many clients whose crypto tax returns have been audited, examined or questioned. I understand how they come after people. And if you knew then what I know now, you would have done your taxes differently.

There’s more than one way to do a tax return. I’m showing you the professional way of doing a tax return with a defensive attitude towards it. It’s a fantastic resource. It has a retail value of $495.00. If all that did were to help you avoid paying a ten thousand dollar fine for not completing an anti-money laundering form, it would be well worth it.

3) You’ll also receive my most recent book, Tax Amnesty Made Easy. In this book, I wrote about how to do your own tax amnesty. It includes both legal affidavits and the legal process itself, and it’s a dire process.

So many people need tax amnesty that I had to get information out there to help them find a way to get the reprieve they deserve without breaking the bank.

I lead you through how to prepare the affidavit and what crucial points they are looking for. I also go through how to do an amended return and explain what an amended return looks like. I explain all the elements for how you fill out the 1040x.

I also tell you how to submit it to the IRS. I go through all that process and show you how to do it. It’s a tremendous resource. I’ve written it for any layman to follow it. I’ve tested it with my clients who have read my books and have put together crypto tax returns.

The results have been stellar. Exceptional. I was thrilled to see that this book works. This book retails for $350 but is now only available in my Crypto Tax Fixer Package and not sold separately.

4) I have included exciting add-ons that are only available if you buy the Crypto Tax Fixer do-it-yourself package, like The Crypto Tax Fixer’s Secrets to Scare Off The Taxman.

5) I also  include one of the most exciting things that I present to the IRS.

My “Poison Pill Disclosure Letter” goes into the tax return as a special IRS form, and the presence of this form will scare off auditors. This affidavit, along with the anti-money laundering filings, gets your low hanging fruit to the top of the tree, which is the hardest thing for the IRS man to pick.

These tips came from an exceptional former IRS international auditor. He always included these disclosure forms, which I had never seen before. I had to look it up and see what the documents were all about.

So I talked to him. I asked, what is this disclosure form? Why are you putting this in here? He said you’ve got to understand the mindset of an IRS auditor. I said, well tell me more. He explained that IRS auditors are on monthly quotas, and they look for the easiest way to hit those numbers.

They look for returns that have the most significant risks. He said the first thing an auditor does is to go back and look to see if this particular form I share with you is in the crypto tax return. If it addresses the problem and explains why you did what you did, it deprives the auditor of one of his secret weapons, which is a 40 percent foreign accuracy penalty.

Well, if you have this disclosure document, he can’t get the accuracy penalty. That means he’s going to get less out of this return for the work he has to put into it. Not only does he not get the reward, but he has to prove that the statement is incorrect. My auditor coworker told me they just put that return to the bottom of the pile and look for easier fish to fry.

a) I give you a copy of my current Poison Pill Disclosure Letter, which explains everything about the crypto capital gains, crypto calculations, and how they’re all done.

This is a powerful defense to protect you and scare off the taxman in the case that you’re audited. I’m also going to provide you with copies of sample crypto tax returns that are great resources. These are returns that I did with my customers. I changed the names, Social Security numbers, and addresses.

This is great insight to give you the confidence to know you’re doing it right and see what a professional can do under different circumstances. I’m also going to provide you with sample tax amnesty affidavits so that you can do a legal affidavit if you’ve experienced a crypto scam and want to file for the loss.

b) I changed the personal information, so the details are no longer personal, but you get to see what real ones are like. Each person told his or her story according to how it happened. Now, every journey is different. You do not copy these, but it gives you an idea of what can work and what does work. And I put in comments on why it works.

c) I also give you a copy of my Tax Amnesty Cover Letter that goes on top. This tells the IRS processors how to handle this return because it’s an unusual process for them to get a tax amnesty return. We show you precisely where to mail it.

We share some particular tricks that I use in order to make sure that the return gets processed correctly. This cover letter makes the IRS processors stop and take the file to a supervisor for special attention, which is what you want.

You want a supervisor to give special attention to your returns. You don’t want run-of-the-mill processing, because you won’t get treated right for a tax scam you suffered.

d) This last piece I included is of unique value, especially if you have been a recipient of one of the IRS crypto letters: 6173, 6174, and 6174A. These letters inform you that you need to check your tax returns to make sure you reported your cryptos correctly.

This document I include is a freeze letter to the IRS that you send to them. I use it with my clients. We send it to the IRS to let them know that we’re putting it together, amending returns with tax amnesty, or are doing a recalculation. We say we need a window of time, two months to put that work together, and send it off.

It tells the IRS that you need a window of time, and is asking them to not initiate examinations or to do any further enforcement activities until you have submitted this return. The IRS is very respectful of that. They realize things take time, and they’re willing to be patient for that. So this creates a safety window for you to get all your work done. That by itself is a great value.

All that together has a value of $1958.

I’m going to throw in two more things. I’m going to include a paper that I’ve written on How to Pick the Best Retail Software to do a Crypto Tax Return. I’ve looked at all the commercial products from H&R Block online to Turbo Tax to a slew of other ones.

I identify the ones that make it easier for taxpayers to file their crypto tax returns. None of these products can do everything. I have professional-grade, high-end software that does it. The lower ones are not geared for it, but I show you how to compensate, and which is the best one to pick to make your life easier. 

The other bonus you get is an invitation to my group of other crypto tax fixers, which is an online exchange for people asking questions and exchanging ideas and answers. It’s full of thought-provoking conversations in the whole area of crypto regulation and financial regulation taxes. 

All of that is included in this package.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to avoid a $20K fine for not filing anti-money laundering forms each year? For three years it would be $60K. Wouldn’t it be worth it to get the poison pill that keeps the IRS off your back if they go to audit you? It scares them away. An IRS audit could cost you thousands of dollars just to defend yourself.

What Doing Your Crypto Tax Returns Is Worth

social security

So, $1958 is an excellent value for all of that. If you had all that together, knowing that you were in full compliance, you could sleep well at night. Wouldn’t that be worth that price? Well, I’ve got great news for you.

I am slashing that price for a limited time.

You can get it for half price. $978!

All these things are included, as well as the whole crypto tax fixer secrets to scare the taxman. You can only get those, and my book “Tax Amnesty Made Easy”, if you buy the package. So the entire package together is an incredible value. I would like to offer it to you.  

You only have two choices.

You know, you’ve got a problem. That’s why you’re reading this post. You can either continue to do nothing, which has its own set of risks, or you can do your own tax preparation.

The IRS is not going to wait around for you to summon up the courage to get around to fix the crypto tax returns that you know have been problematic for several years. The IRS is not waiting for that.

They’re not going to send you a friendly letter saying, are you ready for us to audit your tax return?. You’ll get a letter, maybe because they know you have those four accounts. The letter will be a ten thousand dollar fine, accusing you of not having filed the FBAR form. You then either file the FBAR form or explain why you don’t have to. Either way, you’ll start with a ten thousand dollar fine.

This package is a savings in comparison to that, let alone avoiding all that pain, heartache, and tension. 

So I invite you to buy this package as a full novel value. You need to act now to protect yourself.

The IRS has already started to crack down on crypto traders and their crypto tax returns.

For more questions and answers with me, schedule a consultation today.

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