5 Reasons Why Your Best Crypto Tax Firm Choice Is Donnelly Tax Law

Learn why Donnelly Tax Law is the best crypto tax firm to file your crypto tax return amid all the crypto changes in 2019.

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Spring is in the air, and it’s at that time of year for finding a top crypto tax firm to protect you from all the crypto tax changes and events that have made 2020 a milestone year for crypto.

Crypto traders have been digesting a lot of regulation changes put in place by the IRS in 2019, not to mention the emotional and economic distress of the global pandemic brought on this year by the COVID virus.

Few have been thinking about where to find the best crypto tax firm to report their crypto gains or losses this year.

Let us make this one decision a lot easier for you so you can save your time and energy for healing and safety this tax season.

5 reasons why you should choose Donnelly Tax Law as your crypto tax firm.

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1. Clinton Donnelly, founder of Donnelly Tax Law, is an enrolled agent…

Clinton Donnelly is an Enrolled Agent with a law degree specializing in the international laws of financial regulation, including taxation. He specialized in income tax preparation and problem-solving. He has a focus on the unique anti-money laundering and tax reporting needs of crypto traders and Americans abroad.

2. As an E-file provider authorized by the IRS our crypto tax firm is committed to the IRS standards of data protection and integrity with client data. We use a secure online portal to exchange files in an encrypted manner for your protection. 

3. Enrolled agents are America’s Tax Experts. Enrolled Agents are the only federally licensed tax professionals who also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. This certification also means that we uphold the professional guidelines set by the IRS.  

4. By belonging to the National Association of Enrolled Agents, we are held to a high level of continuing education annually and keeping up with the highest level of professionalism in our field.

5. We’re members of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, the premier organization of tax professionals specializing in solving tax problems.

And if those five reasons aren’t convincing enough…

We have been named among the top crypto tax firms.

We are proud to have been named among the Top Crypto Account & Tax Firms You Should Know About in 2020, By Blox.

It’s important to know that we never turn away a client, no matter how complicated their tax situation.  

We specialize in complex crypto tax compliance.

At Donnelly Tax Law, everything we do is about developing innovative defenses to protect our client’s wealth.

Our crypto tax firm creates innovative defenses with our team of crypto data specialists by using the most comprehensive tax preparation software and knowing the latest tax and crypto laws.

We create bulletproof crypto tax returns, legal affidavits for tax amnesty claims, and represent our clients when their profits are in question with tax authorities.

Make an appointment today at Donnelly Tax Law.

We come highly recommended by the “OG” (original gangster) of crypto - Charlie Shrem

If you are worried about receiving an audit letter from the IRS, we can protect you as an annual member of CryptoTaxAudit, a program highly recommended by the “OG” (original gangster) of crytpo, Charlie Shrem.

Our CryptoTaxAudit members always receive the priority of our defense against non-members. 

This membership means that our crypto tax firm will defend you against the IRS, but you must begin membership before receiving the audit letter.  

If you have already received your letter, we have several solutions at all your price point needs. 

Find out more about our crypto tax services here: https://donnellytaxlaw.com/crypto-tax-services/

Or schedule a consultation today.

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