Get a copy of your Master IRS Transcript

Why do you need to get a copy of your IRS transcript?

  • Your passport could be revoke for unpaid back taxes or fines. 
    With required foreign information returns, the IRS mails a notice when they think a return is missing. The moment they mail the letter, you are fined $10,000. If you don't respond to the letter in 6 months, then the fine grows to $50,000. When you are living overseas or are a high-tech nomad, you may never get the letter for many reasons. Then when you travel next, you might be denied entry into a country because your passport has been automatically revoked. Protect yourself my monitoring your IRS situation several times a year.
  • Missing tax documents to file your return?
    You don't have copies of W-2s or 1099s mailed in prior or current years. They can be found on your transcript.
  • Do you owe back taxes?
    We can find out how much you owe and why? We can examine the transcript to see if we prior returns can be corrected to avoid the back taxes.
  • Did to show a college or employer your past employment or tax records?

What is the process?

We protect against identity theft by having you provide a copy of your passport or U.S. drivers license. Then we schedule a video call where we can see your face and see the actual passport/drivers license in your hand. Once we are satisfied of the authenticity, we mail the authorization form you signed to the IRS. Currently the IRS takes a week and a half to load the authorization into their system. Once loaded, we can pull your complete transcript in minutes. For Americans abroad, we recommend pulling the transcript every 3 months to check for changes. 

Our transcript delivery service is good for one year and four transcript pulls. No-one else is offering such a powerful service and at such an affordable price. 

The IRS Get Transcript service is inadequate.

The IRS Get Transcript service only pulls the last three years of returns, but back taxes can go back to prior years. When required foreign information returns are not filed, the statute of limitations clock never starts. So, you need to go back farther than 3-4 years to catch problems and know you're safe.

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