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The most professional, worry-free way to have your crypto taxes prepared and filed.

  • Private consultations and review meeting
  • Custom quote for your situation and needs
  • Our entire team working on your returns
  • Save money and reduce your audit risk

$50 for a 20-minute consultation with me.

Clinton Donnelly
Enrolled Agent, The Crypto Tax Fixer

Is this Package for You?

If you want to have a great crypto tax return that fixes past returns so the IRS won’t be coming after you…

If you’re stressed and afraid that you’ll get an IRS letter (or you already received one)…

If you’re concerned that the stakes are too high and you don’t trust your own ability to do an amended return on your own…


Or read further below to learn more about this and other packages.

Listen to this video to learn what you get with our Full-Service Crypto Tax Package.

Are You Looking For Something Less Expensive?

Consider getting our Crypto Tax Fixer package.

This do-it-yourself package combines my most popular how-to books with a bundle of exclusive extras. It gives you the tools you need to prepare and file your own crypto taxes and amnesty, economically.

More About the Full-Service Crypto Tax Package

This full-service package is customized to provide you with all our best resources and entire team to prepare a great crypto tax return and get you tax amnesty if needed.

It includes and starts with a consultation call with me to discuss your particular situation and determine what needs you have and how best to meet them. We provide all the necessary materials, tax and legal expertise, and skilled guidance that you can’t get anywhere else in the market place.

With our Full-Service Crypto Tax package, you can rest assured that your crypto taxes are being filed and amended in a way that saves you money and protects you from the IRS.

The Price Value of This Package

My passion is to help as many crypto traders as possible.

Having us as your excellent tax preparer pays for itself. Using the tax laws and accounting regulations, we find ways to save you money and reduce your audit risk.

I’ve had a client who was anxious about spending $2,000 to have us prepare and file their crypto tax return. In the end, I was able to get their taxes down to $0. They could never have done that correctly on their own.

Retail tax software like TurboTax and TaxACT don’t offer a taxpayer options for anything they don’t want to support. For example, none of those products support the electronic filing of the FBAR form. Why? They don’t want the legal liability of you doing it wrong.

And, properly filing your tax return and claiming amnesty can save you the $10,000 penalty fee for not filing the FBAR and other anti-money laundering forms.

That’s how valuable our full-service package is. 

What Is Included

The Full-Service Crypto Tax Fixer Package includes, but is not limited to,

1) An initial consultation with me to:
– discuss your unique story
– what custom things we have to address in your returns
– provide you with a custom quote 

2) We send a ‘freeze letter’ to the IRS notifying them that you’re doing a tax amnesty program with us and for them to freeze any examinations or enforcement actions

3) We will prepare your tax return(s) or amended return(s)

4) We have a team kickoff meeting to review your documents once gathered

5) Our team’s crypto capital gains specialist will go through your files, making sure we captured the right transaction records and work with you to reconcile missing records

6) We offer Like-Kind Exchange calculation and determine if it’s helpful for you

7) We prepare and file for you both of the anti-money laundering forms that are necessary

8) We prepare legal affidavits for any crypto losses related to financial scams, ponzi schemes, lost wallets, phishing, etc.

9) We prepare your tax amnesty affidavit so you are entitled to the tax amnesty program that allows for penalties to be waived

10) We prepare the ‘poison pill’ disclosure document to include in your tax return

11) Your return will be reviewed by a CPA and myself as an Enrolled Agent and we’ll submit it to the IRS for you

12) If needed, we help you put into place a payment plan with the options the IRS provides for resolving tax debt

13) We use an online file storage system that is secure and encrypted, that meets and exceeds the IRS data protection standards and bank standards 

14) We use some of the most professional and expense tax software

15) We can provide you with post-filing follow up support that is available on an hourly basis

16) My years of experience as an Enrolled Agent with a law degree specializing in the international laws of financial regulation and taxation

17) We have experience and expertise in working with high volumes of crypto transactions

18) Get you up to the ‘top of the tree’ so you aren’t low-hanging fruit for the IRS

I'm Ready For The Full-Service Crypto Tax Package

Not Ready Yet?

Everyone’s situation is different. I understand.
That’s why we provide our Crypto Tax Fixer package as a do-it-yourself solution. 

A lot of traders still ask me, “What if I do nothing?“. You’re not alone if you’ve wondered this.
Not filing is an option, but one that I highly recommend you not take.

If you’re not ready for either of our packages, we can still be there to help.

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About The Crypto Tax Fixer

Clinton Donnelly

Clinton Donnelly is an Enrolled Agent with a law degree specializing in the international laws of financial regulation and taxation. As an Enrolled Agent he is admitted to practice before the IRS to represent taxpayers worldwide which is exactly what he does. He has clients in 47 different countries. In 2018, he helped 97 clients recover over $600,000 back from the IRS.

Many of his clients are cryptocurrency traders around the world. His largest trader did over 120,000 transactions. No situation is too complicated.

Clinton Donnelly has also been a tax law advisor to a crypto tax prep firm. He was a trusted tax adviser to three of the online crypto capital gains tax services and a US exchange. He is an author of three books and is a sought-after conference speaker for digital nomads, expats, and cryptotraders.

He specializes in preparing tax returns and resolving IRS problems for cryptotraders and Americans abroad or owning foreign assets.

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