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We are specialists in doing U.S. tax returns for Americans abroad or with foreign assets and internationals. There are unique filing requirements when living outside of the U.S. The penalties for not meeting these requirements is enormous. Even if you have several years of unfiled returns, we can get you the best tax amnesty program offered. It is surprisingly easy and affordable. Do you owe back taxes to the IRS, we have a powerful system for getting you the best resolution, even reduction of taxes owed.

The IRS is offering several amazing tax amnesty programs for taxpayers abroad to come into compliance. For many customers, all penalties are waived, but time is running out on this offer. Act quickly.

Taxpayers abroad have additional annual filing obligations beyond the basic tax return. Failing to meet these obligations carries extremely severe penalties. We are experts at doing a complete job.

With the IRS revoking passports when taxpayers allegedly owe $50,000 or more, our tax transcription service pulls your tax records for the past 25 years. It lets you travel with confidence that your passport is safe.

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Why You Can Trust Donnelly Tax Law

Experts at IRS Tax Amnesty -- 70% of our first time clients are tax amnesty. Our team of lawyers, accountants, and Enrolled Agents assemble for you an excellent voluntary disclosure package. We are proud of our hard-earned reputation.

Confidential and Privileged Communications -- Your communications with us is considered confidential and privileged communication and cannot be disclosed to the IRS in civil matters without your permission. In criminal matters, we recommend retain a tax lawyer to benefit from attorney-client privilege. We then work for the lawyer so that our work will privileged in potentially criminal matters. Contact our office to arrange to have a tax lawyer with attorney-client privilege to discuss your situation.

Only Credentialed Staff -- We only have staff with credentials with a professional licensing board in good standing. These credentials require that we deliver a high quality of service and accountability. Our lawyers are credentialed. Our accountants have current state licenses. Our Enrolled Agents have current licenses from the IRS itself. All the staff have annual continuing professional education requirements to stay on top of the latest developments in their fields. 

State of the Art Systems and Data Encryption -- Because of the unique challenges of serving international clients, we use only the highest quality of professional-grade tax office software products. These products exceed the industry standards and keep your data encrypted and secure.

What Our Customers are Saying

Karin Carney
Graphic and Web Design, Virtual Assistant

"We currently live in Panama and saw that Clinton Donnelly had been recommended by several expats, so we set up a meeting with him and were very impressed with his knowledge of taxes, especially for people who are in situations like we are. He's very professional, explains things in a clear manner and has a system set up which makes it far easier to communicate via the internet, which is important to us since we live in a different city than Mr. Donnelly does. We have every confidence in his ability to take care of our income tax return."

Mary Frederick
Professor, Florida State University-Panama

"I have lived outside of the US since I was 22. Around ten
years ago, I began to hear horror stories of people my age, in their fifties, who had been born in the US but had lived outside of the country for years owing crippling back taxes; this is when I was made to understand that even though I had been earning and paying taxes in Canada since 1993, I was required to file my US taxes, something I was unaware of up to that point.

Then, I discovered Mr. Clinton Donnelly here in Panama where I currently reside and work. Mr. Donnelly explained clearly that we needed to investigate whether I owed taxes and then file. He took charge of my case, looking through years of documentation and communication, and after contacting the IRS, pronounced that I was free and clear of any tax debt to the US government in the space of about a month—this after thirty years of trying to get it resolved!

The next step, Mr. Donnelly explained, was to file my US taxes back three years. Because I am technologically and paperwork challenged, I have never attempted to file taxes on my own. I have always been more than happy to pay for the service; I had just had trouble finding a US tax advisor outside of the US.

Mr. Donnelly took charge. He provided me with a list of documentation I needed to gather and proceeded to fill out all of the forms for me, presenting them only for signature. Each of the three years of back filing represents a 26 + page packet of documents, all handled entirely by Mr. Donnelly.

Without any hesitation, I recommend that anyone with a US tax issue and who is “technologically and paperwork challenged” contact Mr. Donnelly. I will definitely use his expertise to file my US taxes annually from this point forth. His patient, kind and understanding help has been invaluable to me and relieved me of a great deal of stress. Thank you, Mr. Donnelly."

Pascal Pixel
Full-stack UX & REACT, Javascript Engineer

"For months I tried tracking down an accountant or anyone who had the experience and brain to be be willing to do the work and help me out with my situation. All I got was people dodging my questions. I saw Clinton post some amazing lengthy information on Nomad List, so I contacted him. 15 minutes later he had the information I needed to sort everything out!"

Matias Allende
Real Estate Services 

"Clinton has been a great resource for our real estate investment business. We have a variety of entities with foreign partners and Clinton has helped navigate the complicated filing process. He is extremely knowledgeable and very prompt. Its been a pleasure working with him and we look forward to doing business with him in the future."

Chuck Holton
Full time author, television producer and public speaker.  

"I'm a college-educated former stockbroker and felt like if anyone should be able to do their own taxes, it should be me. Little did I know just how profane the IRS code has become. When I got to the end of my rope, I hired an accountant to help. After a few years with him, he called one day and explained that my situation was far too complex for even his office full of professionals. I was at the end of my rope. 

Then I was fortunate to meet Clinton Donnelly. He sat down with us and explained our situation in language that made sense. Within a matter of months he had gone back several years and found numerous mistakes we had made that could have cost us dearly in fees and fines. Fortunately Clinton has an understanding far beyond anyone I've ever spoken with about the tax code and helped us amend our previous returns and get right with the law. In the process he saved us thousands of dollars and more than paid for himself.  

If you are an American expat it is imperative that you speak with Clinton about your situation before the IRS gets ahold of you. The IRS wants your money. Clinton can show you how to keep the IRS off your back and put more money in your pocket. Highly recommended."he future."

Rudi Van Enoo, DPM
Consultant at Inside Panama Real Estate

"I commend Clinton for solving a number of my very complex and challenging tax issues over the past several years. He has been a great sounding board for me and has come up with advise and subsequent solutions every time. He is thorough, compassionate and above all, competent. I very much admire his vast knowledge of the U.S. tax system and especially in the area of tax reporting and its potential liabilities facing many expats. He has helped put my mind at peace and at rest a number of times with his sound and sage advice. Needless to say I highly recommend him."

Michael Mesarch
Marketing Director at AsiaInspection

"I would highly recommend Clinton for anyone working overseas and specifically anyone looking to utilize the Foreign Earned Income Tax Exemption. He’s extremely knowledgeable and genuinely takes the time to get to understand your unique circumstances. His expertise has been invaluable in ensuring a legal filing and minimized tax liability. I simply cannot say enough good things about Clinton and have recommended him to numerous people."

Joseph Beck
Canadian Social Worker

"I highly recommend Clinton’s tax expertise. I had a complex problem and couldn’t find anyone who knew how to resolve it. But Clinton confidently saw a complete solution. He fixed the past problems and I didn’t have to pay any taxes to the IRS! I would highly recommend Clinton for anyone working overseas and specifically anyone looking to utilize the Foreign Earned Income Tax Exemption. He’s extremely knowledgeable and genuinely takes the time to get to understand your unique circumstances. His expertise has been invaluable in ensuring a legal filing and minimized tax liability. I simply cannot say enough good things about Clinton and have recommended him to numerous people."

James Pierson
Senior Applications Engineer 

"American CPA's know American tax law, Canadian CPAs know Canadian Law, Mexican accountants know Mexican law however when a person has assets distributed geographically one soon finds that these people know the laws of their own country yet cannot effectively advise with respect to the laws or requirements of other tax systems in other countries. 

I searched for many years to find a person that could advise me with respect to how assets in one country are taxed by the other both in life and in terms of an succession planning. 

Moving to Panama I found such a person in Clinton. 

I have presented to him challenging questions relating to expatriation, taxation of income derived from other countries with all questions being answered directly and accurately. 

With respect to expatriation from the US most, publicly distributed literature that one might purchase to learn about the process mandate that form DS4079 be submitted as a part of your application to expatriate. The title of this Department of State form is "Request for Determination of possible Loss of United States Citizenship" and details all assets, lineage, travel and personal information relating to the applicant. This is a huge multipart form that Clinton pointed out provides the government with all of the data necessary to find a way to decline to grant permission for expatriation despite expatriation being a constitutionally guaranteed right. Clinton pointed out that even the title of the document as a request puts one in the position of requesting permission to do what is an inalienable right under US law. When I submitted my application to expatriate, I did so without submitting the DS4079 and it was never requested of me! Wow... This is the kind of critical information that Clinton provides and I cannot recommend his services more highly. 

If you have distributed assets and income or are concerned about succession planning, Clinton will accurately guide you through the legal minefield of international laws taking into consideration your country of residence, source of income, source location of income, citizenship, time in country as well as other factors to determine your tax status and I trust his guidance implicitly."