The Crypto Tax Fixer Package

This do-it-yourself package combines my most popular how-to books with a bundle of exclusive extras. It gives you the tools you need to prepare and file your own crypto taxes and amnesty, economically.

About The Author

Founder of Donnelly Tax Law, Clinton Donnelly solves complex U.S. tax problems for Americans Abroad, with assets abroad, and crypto traders.

With clients in 48 countries, he’s prepared over 1,000 tax amnesty returns with a 100% success rate. He has helped over 1,200 people with reporting cryptocurrencies on their taxes. 

Clinton is also a conference speaker and the author of several ebooks about US expat and crypto taxes. 

For crypto traders, he goes beyond preparing a return to anticipating how the IRS will select returns to examine. He includes the anti-money laundering reports and other advanced techniques to avoid audits and examinations.

Learn About Qualifications & Credentials

US crypto tax services

Clinton Donnelly
Enrolled Agent | The Crypto Tax Fixer

Whether you’ve received a letter from the IRS, need tax returns prepared, or need tax amnesty, my team and I can help.

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