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The best investment any crypto owner can make is in our new crypto audit defense service, CryptoTaxAudit. Learn more today to protect yourself all year!

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You’ve most likely heard of audit defense services, but what about crypto audit defense? The area of taxes regarding cryptocurrencies has been a confusing and stressful experience for crypto traders. More guidance has finally been coming out, but this also means more crack-down is soon to follow. During the year 2020, the IRS is expected to begin examining and auditing tax returns by crypto traders. So how should you be prepared as a crypto trader? There’s now a solution that provides crypto audit defense with our new service CryptoTaxAudit

Why You Need A Crypto Audit Defense Service

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As a crypto trader you need special protection. Traditional audit defense services from companies like TurboTax, TaxACT, and H&R Block are inadequate coverage for crypto owners. They don’t have expertise in defending crypto returns. They only cover a specific year’s return, protect you for only three years instead of the needed six years, and don’t defend the anti-money laundering forms.

Our audit defense service provides the expert protection that you need as a crypto trader. 

  • We have expertise in defending crypto returns.
  • We protect the anti-money laundering forms.
  • Our protection covers returns from any year, not just a specific year’s returns.
  • We protect you for all six years that are needed.
  • While other services are reactive we’re proactive and include tools like our book Do My Crypto Tax Returns Need Surgery a crypto tax health check included for free so you reduce your chances of getting an IRS letter in the first place. 

How Does Our Crypto Audit Defense Work?

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It’s the only monthly membership that will warn you, educate you, and defend you from an IRS audit.

While a member, if you get a letter from the IRS, you pay a small fee for the initial consultation call where we develop a strategy for your case. Then any further work we do on that case is at no charge, including: 

  • drafting written responses
  • escalating IRS management
  • researching laws
  • communicating with the IRS
  • updating you on the progress
  • and more…

The Crypto Audit Defense That Will Truly Protect You

We’re committed to helping as many crypto owners as possible with their tax responsibilities. It’s a new and evolving technology but doesn’t have to be stressful and costly for you. 

Even if you’ve received a letter from the IRS but don’t have a membership with CryptoTaxAudit, we can still help you with crypto audit representation

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