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Tax Returns for Individuals and Businesses

Donnelly Tax Law
specializes in doing tax returns for individuals and small business outside the United States. This includes:

  • American taxpayers living abroad; 
  • Domestic taxpayers with foreign assets overseas like foreign bank & brokerage accounts, foreign real estate; 
  • Foreign businesses and trusts
  • Non-U.S. citizens doing business in the United States who have to file as non-residents 
  • For taxpayers living in the U.S. with primarily domestic assets and tax affairs, we can partner with your current domestic tax preparer/CPA. The domestic tax preparer takes the lead doing the domestic portions of the tax return, and we do the foreign portions. 

We are experts in

  • Foreign earned income exclusion (Form 2555) 
  • Foreign tax credit (Form 1116)
  • Foreign financial assets and accounts (Forms 8938 and FBAR) 
  • Foreign companies (Form 5471) 
  • Foreign trust returns (Forms 3520, 3520A) 
  • Foreign partnerships (Form 8865) 
  • Passive foreign investment companies (PFIC) (Form 8621) 
  • Transfers to foreign persons (Form 926) 
  • Treaty based positions (Form 8833) 
  • Individual and small business tax returns (Forms 1040, 1065, 1120) 
  • Non-resident tax returns (Form 1040NR) 
  • Foreign insurance excise tax returns (Form 720)

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